As both founding members of Accountcentric are members of CAANZ and CPA Australia respectively, Accountcentric aspires to achieve the highest ethical, technical and professional standards of conduct and performance.

The Code of Ethics sets out the professional and ethical requirements for members of both membership bodies and is based on the fundamental principles of integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behaviour.

In complying with the Code of Ethics, CAANZ and CPA Australia Standards and Regulations, it is the responsibility of Accountcentric to not only take into account the requirements of our clients but also to have regard to the public interest and the accountancy profession as a whole.

Where you have a complaint or dispute with Accountcentric, CAANZ and CPA requires that you first advise us, both verbally and in writing.  You can do so by contacting us directly at  info@accountcentric.com.au.

What happens with your complaint?

1.    We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint by letter within 7 to 10 working days.
2.    A Director of Accountcentric will review the matter and advise if any further information is required.
3.    If you fail to provide additional information where requested we will not be able to investigate your complaint.  If this occurs, you will be advised in writing.
4.    Once sufficient information has been provided to allow your complaint to be assessed, we will formally review the matter.  Depending on the complexity of the matter, information provided and response times (where additional information is requested) the period of investigation may be between 2-3 months.

Once the Directors have reviewed your complaint, you will be advised of the outcome in writing.  This will allow Accountcentric to explain or rectify the situation.  Rectification may include remedial work, an apology, a reduction or refund of fees, the provision of information or otherwise.

What to do if you are not satisfied with how Accountcentric has handled your complaint

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, you should contact either CAANZ or CPA Australia – details of how to make a complaint can be found at either:



Both CAANZ and CPA Australia both provide a mediation service to assist with resolving disputes.  The mediation involves face-to-face negotiation with the assistance of Institute-appointed expert mediators who will help facilitate discussions with the view to promoting an outcome acceptable to both parties.

Both parties must agree to the mediation, which involves a formal process including the signing of mediation agreements and payment of agreed fees.  Because both the Professional Accounting Bodies absorb the cost of administering and operating this service, each request for mediation will be assessed on its merits as to the cost effectiveness of proceeding with the process.  All decisions will remain at the Institute’s discretion.

Enquiries about mediation in the first instance should be made in writing and submitted to either: